The Practice

Experience true happiness and freedom through the practice of Ren Xue.


What is REN XUE?

The Chinese words 人学 (rén xué) mean the science of human life. REN XUE’s founder, Yuan Tze, chose these words to convey how profoundly REN XUE can affect all aspects of our lives: improving energy and fostering better physical health, clarifying and focusing our thought processes, and opening up our hearts and consciousness.

In REN XUE, there are two systems: one for uplifting your own life (Yuan Gong), and one for helping others do the same (Yuan Ming Medicine).

The biggest gift we can give ourselves and the world is to work on our own life and make progress towards self-realisation and wisdom. As more people make progress on this path, human society will begin to heal and restore harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with nature.

The Yuan Gong Qigong System

Yuan Gong Qigong is a practice of gentle and graceful moving and still meditations that use the body, mind, breath and Qi to bring about healing and positive transformation. Regular practice supports increased mental clarity, improves internal strength and stability, and helps us understand the patterns of thought that inadvertently support negative emotions and illness.

Yuan Gong was created with modern people in mind to help rebalance life and offer an effective path for cultivating health, happiness, wellbeing, realisation and wisdom. It is easy to learn and enjoy the practice, and benefits can be felt with as little as 20 minutes of practice a day. It has nine fundamental methods for working towards the goal of attaining true realisation and wisdom. The methods are safe and effective; practising delivers a deep sense of tranquillity and harmony with yourself, others and your environment. It is a technique for healing illnesses as well as an approach for healing life itself.

Yuan Gong Qigong is a comprehensive life cultivation system for healing and uplifting your own life and helping others do the same. It is no surprise that many people fall in love with Yuan Gong soon after trying it. It is suitable for people of all ages, all health conditions and anyone that wants to make positive and lasting changes to their life.

What is Yuan Ming Medicine?

Ming Medicine Logo

Through facilitators, Yuan Ming works on Qi and consciousness to affect change to the root causes that underlie illness or psychological distress. It is a tool to help those seeking to address unhealthy behavioural, emotional, personality and mental habits or simply to strengthen their overall health.

As with all of REN XUE, the concrete, personal benefits of Yuan Ming are accompanied by more global gains. The application of Yuan Ming can help establish an ethical and moral value system and a healthy worldview. Socially, it can be used to help improve one’s relationships with family, society and nature, so these relationships can become harmonious. It is a tool that can help us achieve a healthy and happy life and develop wisdom.

For more information on REN XUE, visit REN XUE International.

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