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The new workshop will run for 4 weeks starting at 5pm on Wednesday the 15th and continue each Wednesday until the 24th of January.  The classes will be held at 47 Mahogany Drive, Marcus Beach.

Whether you are a beginner and want to improve on your health and wellbeing or a more experienced Qigong practitioner and would like to deepen your understanding and experience of Tian Yuan & Di Yuan there will be plenty for you to learn and discover. The 4 weeks will be full of very effective, safe and practical tools that you can easily use on a daily basis including useful and important information to help you gain better health, improve your energy levels, have a better understanding and control over your state of being, help reconnect with your heart, transform consciousness and gain better self awareness.

 Please contact me here if you are interested

The cost for the workshop is $50 for the 4 weeks or $15 a class, if you need financial assistance please ask.

To book your spot you can either email or phone me on 

0428 762 230


3rd of January

10th of January

17th of January

24th of January