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Steve Campbell

Fully Qualified REN XUE Patractitioner

I would love to share this wonderful life cultivation system with you. I truly believe that, with good intentions and applying it diligently, you can make profound changes to your life. It has completely turned my life around, which I did not think was possible. At 50, I felt like my body and my world were falling apart, even though everything seemed fine on the surface. I thought that I was living and practising a healthy lifestyle, but my internal reality was very different.

I knew I needed to change from deep within. I had been searching for many years for a practice that could help take me home to my true self; however, I didn’t think anything like that really existed until I attended a REN XUE retreat in New Zealand in 2017, and I instantly knew that I had found something very special, not just for me but for the whole of humanity.

Steve Campbell


Steve is a wonderfully patient and thorough teacher. He goes through all the intricacies of any practice and is always happy to answer questions and go over anything that is not clear. He is passionate about REN XUE and Yuan Gong and well versed in all the methods. We are truly lucky to have his classes available to us.


Steve's passion for the practice and his understanding of the teaching is apparent. He takes you through the exercises with a gentle, nurturing and understanding heart. He lives by what he teaches.


Steve has been a supportive and generous teacher and friend whilst I was dealing with serious health challenges. His integrity and passion for Yuan Gong is inspiring and has helped me to take my practice to deeper levels. He approaches Yuan Gong and life with a beautifully open heart.


Yuan Gong practice works on a physical and mental level. I have experienced an increase in my energy levels, which had been depleted from high levels of stress. There is now less physical tension in my neck and body. The practice is easy to learn and I feel very relaxed afterwards.

As my energy levels and Qi condition have improved, I have become more aware of my unhealthy thoughts and emotions. Yuan Gong has a method to identify the patterns of our consciousness and ways to transform them. This is a work in progress.


The daily practice of method one and two for a few months now has given me an incredible inner strength that is coming from the middle of my body and trickles out to my whole life and business. Life is easier and everything seems to work out for me.

For years I had no interest in living to be honest, and now I am happy to be alive and now I understand why people love living.

For 11 years I was looking for a way to stay calm and collected, and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that, with continuous practice, soon I will be able to become calm and relaxed but still full of life and joy at all times. The outlook of my life looks pretty exciting now thanks to this practice.


Steve's passion for the practice and his understanding of the teaching is apparent. He takes you through the exercises with a gentle, nurturing and understanding heart. He lives by what he teaches.

Yuan Tze Ren Xue

Yuan Tze

Founder of Ren Xue

Yuan Tze was born in 1962, in an old town near the estuary of a river in Jiangsu province, on the east coast of China. Yuan Tze was exposed to and influenced by traditional Chinese wisdom culture from early childhood. In his teenage years, he began training seriously under the influence of many respected teachers and masters in their fields, which has continued throughout his life. Through this, he has distilled profound knowledge and expertise in Qigong, TCM, martial arts, Tai Chi and the wisdom philosophies of the East. His piercing, objective analysis of the problems humanity faces, both at the individual and societal levels, drove him to the fundamental issues that need to be addressed, rather than superficial panaceas. REN XUE, the overarching system he developed, offers a clear, step-by-step process, through nine methods of Yuan Qigong, to address these issues.

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