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Experience true happiness and freedom through the practice of Ren Xue & Qigong.

Do you ever wonder what the purpose of life is?

Humans have been searching to find the answer to this ultimate question. At the root of the many problems humans face is a lack of a purpose in life.

In REN XUE, the purpose of life is expressed as the REN XUE High Five. These are five treasures naturally found within us. They provide clear goals and direction for life cultivation with REN XUE as a guide. We believe they are relevant to every human being because, when these natural treasures manifest and are consistently present, humanity and nature will flourish.


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STARTING 14th of FEB. 2024

The new workshop will run for 4 weeks starting at 5pm on Wednesday the 14th of February and continue each Wednesday until the 6th of March.  The classes will be held at 47 Mahogany Drive, Marcus Beach.

Whether you are a beginner and want to improve on your health and wellbeing or a more experienced Qigong practitioner and would like to deepen your understanding and experience of Tian Yuan & Di Yuan there will be plenty for you to learn and discover. The 4 weeks will be full of very effective, safe and practical tools that you can easily use on a daily basis including useful and important information to help you gain better health, improve your energy levels, have a better understanding and control over your state of being, help reconnect with your heart, transform consciousness and gain better self awareness.

Please contact me here if you are interested steve@lifecultivation.com.au

The cost for the workshop is $50 for the 4 weeks or $15 a class, if you need financial assistance please ask.

To book your spot you can either email or phone me on 

0428 762 230


14th of February

21th of February

28th of February

6th of March

A modern day Qigong Practice for everyone

REN XUE is a life cultivation practice for developing and improving one’s life. It will help you discover the five most important treasures in life.

The practice can help you uplift your life to new levels of awareness by using nine safe and highly effective methods that work on Qi (energy), the Body and the Consciousness in a harmonious and balanced way.

By becoming the master of your own life, you can experience true happiness and freedom and help humanity live in a more peaceful and harmonious way. We are all capable of achieving this if this is what our heart truly desires. It’s time for change.


REN XUE 'High 5'


If you're curious about joining a class, book a FREE 30 minute introduction class with Steve.

Ren Xue High Five
Steve & Yuan Tze

Meet Steve your REN XUE Teacher

I discovered REN XUE in 2016 and have never looked back. It has given me so much inner joy, happiness, a deeper understanding of life, a clear direction in life and personal growth that I didn’t think was possible, and all in such a short time. All I want to do now is continue on this wonderful journey and share this amazing practice with anyone that wants to learn and help themselves discover their true nature.

I offer a variety of online classes, in-person classes, one-on-one sessions and workshops/retreats.


Amelia - Cloud Hands
Steve - Pull The Bow String
Mary - Gathering Qi
Group - Qi Down


Steve is a wonderfully patient and thorough teacher. He goes through all the intricacies of any practice and is always happy to answer questions and go over anything that is not clear. He is passionate about REN XUE and Yuan Gong and well versed in all the methods. We are truly lucky to have his classes available to us.


Steve’s passion for the practice and his understanding of the teaching is apparent. He takes you through the exercises with a gentle, nurturing and understanding heart. He lives by what he teaches.


Steve has been a supportive and generous teacher and friend whilst I was dealing with serious health challenges. His integrity and passion for Yuan Gong is inspiring and has helped me to take my practice to deeper levels. He approaches Yuan Gong and life with a beautifully open heart.


Yuan Gong practice works on a physical and mental level. I have experienced an increase in my energy levels, which had been depleted from high levels of stress. There is now less physical tension in my neck and body. The practice is easy to learn and I feel very relaxed afterwards.

As my energy levels and Qi condition have improved, I have become more aware of my unhealthy thoughts and emotions. Yuan Gong has a method to identify the patterns of our consciousness and ways to transform them. This is a work in progress.


The daily practice of method one and two for a few months now has given me an incredible inner strength that is coming from the middle of my body and trickles out to my whole life and business. Life is easier and everything seems to work out for me.

For years I had no interest in living to be honest, and now I am happy to be alive and now I understand why people love living.

For 11 years I was looking for a way to stay calm and collected, and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that, with continuous practice, soon I will be able to become calm and relaxed but still full of life and joy at all times. The outlook of my life looks pretty exciting now thanks to this practice.


Steve’s passion for the practice and his understanding of the teaching is apparent. He takes you through the exercises with a gentle, nurturing and understanding heart. He lives by what he teaches.